OPA Parking Lot Concerns:  The flow of traffic is good and patience is evident in the Elementary Morning drop-off! THANK YOU!  However, the afternoon pick up is becoming a bit treacherous:
  1. STUDENTS MUST BE PICKED UP AT THE CURB: Students, parents, nor siblings can dart through traffic to get in cars or avoid the cross-walk! Recently, a student was hit in Roy for this very practice. USE the CROSSWALK! and have patience, we are all in a hurry and have places to go.
  2. Morning Secondary Drop-off: YOU MUST FOLLOW THE FLOW OF TRAFFIC! Pulling into the crosswalk, entering the parking lot and driving against traffic, or pulling into the fire lane is inappropriate and dangerous. Secondary students can be dropped-off campus and walk in or they can be dropped on the soccer field curb to use the crosswalk. Students can be dropped at the elementary for breakfast or to walk to the secondary. Parents can also follow the curb around the parking lot and drop them in front of the building, which requires PATIENCE!
PLEASE remember that every child at OPA is IMPORTANT and their safety at school is our TOP PRIORITY, please make it YOURS!

Amie Campbell

Principal of OPA


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