To access OPA’s Library Catalog go to: Library Catalog

You can also find it if you go to the school’s website: and click on the Student Resources Tab.  Choose from the Elementary or Jr. High Catalog.


Visual Search

You can also do a visual search of the school’s catalog by going to the Visual Search tab. Both the Elementary Library and the Junior High Library have different categories in their visual searches:

Destiny Quest

Our library has an additional search that is more visual and gives you more options for personalization called Destiny Quest. To get to it click on the Destiny Quest tab on the Library Catalog.


Destiny Quest Features

You can check out the Top 10 Checked out Books, Resources Lists, and New Arrivals.  You can also make bookshelves for yourself of books you’d like to read in the future.  Ask the librarian if you need your username and password set up.

Library Catalog 101

For more information about using the library catalog check out  this slideshow.



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