Step 1 – Policies and Procedures

OPA IT is currently creating new and updated policies and procedures for technology at the school.  OPA IT has a number of important Policies and Procedures, much like Ogden Preparatory Academy itself has procedures for how things operate and policies that teachers, staff, and administration must follow.

Policies create guidelines to follow and fall back on if there are questions.  Let’s look at an example:  A teacher would like a cart of iPads for their class project next week.  Yes, there are many ways that the teacher can go about requesting iPads, such as calling the front desk, emailing the IT department, physically walking into the tech cave and taking an iPad cart and many more.  Although all of these options for checking out a cart of iPads work initially, there are a number of ripple effects that occur that can cause issues. If the teacher takes the iPad cart without scheduling it, it can disrupt another teachers schedule.  If the teacher attempts to check out the equipment from the secretarial staff, the secretary may never relay that message to the appropriate person, and the checkout may never occur, causing overlap.  The Equipment Checkout Policy provides a standardized guideline so that every teacher receives an opportunity to checkout equipment and provides a manageable scheduling system for the IT department.  It helps staff and teachers stay on the same page by providing a template to follow.  If everyone understands the policy, then everyones job is easier.

Procedures are step by step guides that enforce the policies.  Procedures ensure that policies are upheld and provide an easy to follow path to a solution.  If everyone follows the procedure, then it is less likely that problems will occur which provides a more efficient and effective work environment.  In the case of scheduling equipment, if a teacher had a step by step process it would be easier and more effective.  The teacher would not have to decide what avenue to take to receive the equipment, the scheduler would have a detailed and organized list of requests to manage the schedule, and overlap would be minimized if not completely eliminated.

OPA IT is currently creating and revamping the following policies as well as creating procedures for each of these policies:

  • Teacher Device Policy
  • Equipment Checkout Policy
  • Support Request Policy
  • Student Password List Policy
  • Acceptable Use Policy
  • Supported Program Policy
  • Device Upgrade Policy
  • Purchased Programs/Apps Policy
  • 3rd Party Program Policy
  • Content Filtration Policy
  • and more…

OPA IT looks forward to implementing these new Policies and Procedures and we are excited to have a more effective and efficient role in the education of our students at Ogden Prep.



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