“The expert in anything was once a beginner.” ~ Helen Hayes

Dear Parents and Students, 

Please continue to check Aspire Gradebook weekly, and as regularly as possible with your child, to teach them to be responsible and to take ownership of their learning. Students who have zero or missing assignments should make up their assignment promptly, and before/during Friday’s make up day. Students will have class assignments for the rest of the year, no homework assignments will be sent home. However, if students don’t finish their classwork, they can take assignments home to complete as homework.


ALL missing work or make-up work needs to be turned in by Friday, May 18. Grade K-6: Grades must be finalized by May 21. They will be sent home with the students on Awards day May 24. 

The ASPIRE website is:  http://ogdenprep.usoe-dcs.org/Login/
Login Information:Username: Student ID
Password:  Eagle + Student ID


We will be doing SAGE make up this week. Students who have not finished their tests will have  opportunities to complete them on Monday, May 7, and Tuesday, May 8.

Teacher of the Day

Starting MONDAY,  May 7 everyone will have the opportunity to share and teach the class about their talent. ( This is NOT show and tell, it is a time to teach and show the class your special talent.)

We will all have the opportunity to learn from each other! Are there special things about you that you would like your peers to know?  This is your chance to SHOW OFF!!! Share with us and let’s learn from each other! Everyone has a special talent or unique specificity that can be taught to others. You might be:
  • good at Math or Science 
  • a great story/history teller 
  • good at a specific craft such as: origami, boondoggle, drawing, weaving, painting, etc. 
  • a poet 
  • bilingual 
  • a great dancer
  • good at anything that can be taught to others. 

Students can teach by themselves or with a partner. At least 5 minutes and no more than 10 minutes for each participant & it is a requirement for all students, as this assignment is graded. Your child has signed up for a date, and topic that they are teaching (see below).


5/7 Monday

Nayloni & Serenity – Gymmatitics (10 min.)
Parker & Jordan- Origami Paper Airplane (10 min.)
Dominick & Eduardo – Dancing (10 min.)
Marek & Touchapone- Rubix Cube (10 min.)

5/8 Tuesday

Lucia- Language Lesson: Chinese (5 min.)
Bryce & Connor -Origami Paper Airplane (10 min.)
Richard – Language Lesson: Russian (5 min.)
Cameron – Fortnite Dance
Riley & D’Angelo – Origami Dinosaur

5/9 Wednesday
Jesmia & Alexis – Language Lesson: French (10 min.)

5/10 Thursday

Tyler & Aldo- Origami paper folding (10 min.)
Lexie & Brooklyn – Origami/Drawing (10 min.)
Marcos & Anthony -Drawing (10 min.)

5/11 Friday

Esabella/Eva – Sign Language (10 min.)
Ashley & Alondra – Language lesson: Spanish (10 min.)


5/7 Monday

Leah – Gymnastics (10 min.)
Breyanna & Gennesis – Boondogle (15 min)
Adam- Origami Ninja Star (10 min.)
Miles – technology science (20 min.)

5/8 Tuesday

Hubert & Chase -Dance (20 min.)
Danny & Shafer -Origami animal (10 min.)
Sylbia & Gali -Drawing:Dog (10 min.)
Rozann & Jacky- Drawing: Dragon (10 min.)
Jordis- a poet (10 min.)

5/9 Wednesday

Helen & Velecity -Braclet (10 min.)
Fabio & Fernando Basketball rules & skills (5 min.)
Ellie- History: Holocaust (8 min.)
Nick – math problem: Decimal (10 min.)

5/10 Thursday

Tayton -Drawing Truck
Leslye -Drawing
Alyleah – How to make chicken in a cup

5/11 Friday
Javier & Lily-Language Lesson: Japanese (10 min.)
Toby – Coding (10 min.)

P.S.  If there are certain items needed for your lesson, please be prepared to bring them in.  The basic materials, such as drawing paper, copying handouts/materials for peers are available for students.  Please check with Ms. Chiang before you buy materials.


May 7-11 Sage Testing Make-Up Week
May 11 All library books need to be returned
May 14 Capitol and Leonardo Center
May 22 Maturation @9:00-10:00 a.m. (Boys); @10:15-11:00 a.m. (Girls) in the elementary library
May 24 Minimum Day
May 25 Minimum Day-Last Day of School



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