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We have been in school for one month and we are half way through first quarter. Math and Science grades are posted and updated WEEKLY on Aspire. Please remember to check the Aspire Gradebook online weekly at home, and as regularly as possible with your child. You can see your child’s current grade in his/her classes and upcoming quizzes, or assignments due date. 

ASPIRE website is: http://ogdenprep.usoe-dcs.org/Login/

Login Information:Username: Student ID
Password:  Eagles+School ID (Example: Eagles43653449)

Sage Benchmark Modules 

This year, students are able to practice Sage online to get familiar with testing procedures and types of questions in Math and Science. We will begin Science and Math Sage ONLINE Practice this quarter.

Students are encouraged to bring their own headphone, if they have one, on these scheduled testing dates. Below are the scheduled dates for testing. 

Science (Scheduled on FRIDAYS)

9/11        Earth’s Crust Form A (Pretest)-16 questions
10/13      Earth’s Crust Form B (Post test)-16 questions
               Matter Form A (Pretest)-16 questions

11/17      Matter Form B (Post test)-17 question
               Magnetism Form A (Pretest)-13 questions

12/15      Magnetism Form B (Post test)-13 questions
               Electricity Form A (Pretest)-14 questions

2/9          Electricity Form B (Post test)-14 questions
               Heredity Form A (Pretest)-13 questions
3/9          Heredity Form B (Post test)-13 questions

Math (Scheduled on MONDAYS)

9/18       Number and Operations Base 10 Form A-10 Questions
10/16     Number and Operations Base 10 Form B (Post test)-10 questions
10/23     Operations and Algebraic Thinking Form A (Pretest)-12 questions
11/13      Algebraic thinking Form B (Post test)-11 questions
11/27      Fractions Form A (Pretest)-12 questions
2/5          Fractions Form B (Post test)-12 questions
2/12        Geometry Form A (Pretest)-9 questions
3/26        Geometry Form B (Post test) -9 questions


We will review rounding and comparing decimals and start working on our decimals unit on add, subtract, multiply and divide decimals to hundredths.

This week for our MATH WIGS (Wildly Important Goals), students should practice multiplication facts on 5s, 6s, and 7s and complete Fact Families Booklet as their homework on Mondays if they didn’t finish required sections in class. Students will have multiplication facts quizzes on 5,6, and 7 this week. Please practice facts with your child to help them to reach their goals. We will make Fortune Tellers to practice Multiplication 0-12 in class.  Students can practice on multiplication.com or Math Drill App. (Please see the link, “5th grade Math Resources,” on my blog.)

FACT FAMILIES BOOKLET & Fortune Teller Made 2-12 are due on Tuesday, October 3 

Below is the schedule for assessments:
5th Grade Goal:
80% of 5th Graders will achieve 80% accuracy of their Multiplication Table 0-12.

Wk #1: assess 0,1,2
Wk #2: assess 3,4
Wk #3: assess 5,6,7
Wk #4: assess 8,9,10
Wk #5: assess 11, 12
Wk #6: assess 0-12 (mixed up)


This week, students will learn about how landforms are made when a combination of geologic events occur, such as uplift and erosion, which form a canyon. Students will build their 3 D Modeling with 15 land formations and explain/present forces that caused the landforms to be created in class. Students can use any materials to create their 15 formations listed. Students can use modeling Magic or  clay for formations, marbles for glaciers, green tissue papers or  green paper crinkle for lands, and etc.

Donations Needed for this project: 

Model Magic (White)      or    Modeling Clay (Green & Brown) 

Below is an example made by Ms. Chiang: 

3-D Modeling Formations’ Project Rubric

Land formation accurately labeled
Characteristics of Formation accurately shown for the 3-D formations
Effort: Detailed, neat, organized
Rough Draft—form a plan
  1. Glacier

On a scale of 1-10 how much would you give yourself and why?
Color needs to be realistic and true to life.
Draft should be done with detail and color.
  1. Arch

  1. Butte

  1. Canyon

  1. Channel

  1. U-Shaped Valley

  1. V-shaped valley

  1. Volcano

  1. Peninsula

  1. Isthmus

  1. Plateau

  1. Delta

  1. Plain

  1. Ocean

  1. Mountain

Total points possible:






    Total Project Points:________/50 points

Earth’s Crust Week #3 -Vocabulary Words/LINCs Tables

  1. fault: A break in a continuous rock; caused by shifting of the Earth’s crust
  2. arch: a structure formed in a curve on the upper edge
  3. butte: flat-topped hill with steep sides; smaller than a mesa; formed by wind erosion
  4. canyon: a deep gorge (dip); caused by moving water
  5. channel: course for river water


Click the link below to practice Earth’s Crust Unit: 24 Vocabulary Words on Quizlet:

Click the link below to practice  Earth’s Crust Concept Cards on Quizlet:


    9/19 Picture Day
    9/21 Minimum Day-Jr. High PTC
    9/22 No School-Jr. High PTC
    9/29 Annual OPAPO Carnival @4:00-7:00 pm

    Thank you for your support at home!