The following letter was published in the Ogden Standard Examiner February 21st, 2014 and was written by our own Sam Hayman and Karole Pickett.  Note: Click on the links for more information about the Triathlons. 

 “We are pleased to announce that the Ogden Preparatory Academy triathlon team will be participating in the Rage Triathlon in Las Vegas, Nev. on April 12,

2014 and also the St. George on May 31,2014.

We are currently the only school in Utah that has a class to support our team. We are the only high school team in the state. Utah is part of the sixth triathlon division and we are looking to be the first officially registered team. This is our third year and seventh semester which means a total of 17 races.

We have had students who do five sprint Triathlons and one Olympic Triathlon in the same year. Our students have run over 500 miles and swam over 200 miles.  They have biked literally thousands of miles.

We are a Title 1 public school in downtown Ogden. We have so many kids who cannot afford to buy their own equipment and yet we have never turned a student away. For some of our kids it is a once in a lifetime opportunity.

Some of these kids have never swum before let alone biked. And yet every one of them has done at least two triathlons. They train every other day in their class; learning to swim, running two miles to where we train, and they choose to do this.

We accept students from all backgrounds regardless of fitness level to take part in a one of kind experience and to realize that they truly can do anything they set their minds to. To see these kids cross the finish line is so exciting and rewarding and for them it is a life changing moment.”

Sam Hayman

Karole Pickett

Ogden Preparatory Academy


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