November 2nd:
Weber Turkey Triathlon
The Triathlon students will be participating in the Weber Turkey Triathlon. For more information check out the website:

Community Meal
Marshall White Center 5 p.m.
Ogden Preparatory Academy contributed to this community meal with donations of hygiene items, coats, hats, gloves, and school supplies. Thanks to everyone who donated.

November 6th:
Report Cards will be passed out to students at the Elementary school. For Grades 7-9 report cards will be mailed home.

November 7th:
Vision Screening for Kindergarten through Third Grades

November 11th:
Basketball Tryouts for Grades 7th through 9th

November 14:
Choral Concert 6 p.m. at the Elementary School

November 21st:
Kindergarten Thankful Performance
Elementary Gym 6 p.m.
All four Kindergarten classes will be performing a few songs and reciting what they are Thankful for. Then we will be eating bread with “homemade butter”. The kindergartners will make the butter in Learning centers a few days before. We will be talking about the new sight words we want the parents to work on and parents will be asked to read a decodable book with their student that night.



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