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United States


North America also includes the Caribbean Islands, but I’m going to talk about those on a separate post. ūüôā



North America

Image result for 500 nations     Image result for The first Americans : the story of where they came from and who they became Anthony Aveni  Image result for ethnic folklore by Ellyn Sanna. (Series: North American folklore)    Image result for The people shall continue by Simon J. Ortiz ;  Image result for The Audubon Society Field Guide to North American Fossils Ida Thompson ;

The Call # for the United States is 973

United States

Image result for triangle fire ya nonfiction   Image result for The slightly odd United States of America :wacky facts, great country by the editors of Klutz.  Image result for The United States Constitution : a graphic adaptation written by Jonathan Hennessey   Image result for Red hot salsa : bilingual poems on being young and Latino in the United States edited by Lori Marie Carlson ; introduction by Oscar Hijuelos.   Image result for Days of Jubilee : the end of slavery in the United States Patricia C. & Fredrick L. McKissack.


Image result for 1,000 places to see in the USA and Canada before you die : In the USA and Canada by Patricia Schultz.   Image result for Who is Wayne Gretzky? / [Book] by Gail Herman ; illustrated by Ted Hammond. (Series: Who is-- ?)  Image result for Canadian independence Series: World Book's documenting history)  Image result for What if-- ? : amazing stories selected by Monica Hughes.  Image result for Incident at Hawk's Hill Allan W. Eckert


Image result for Stories from Mexico = Historias de México Genevieve Barlow, William N. Stivers.  Image result for The mythology of Mexico and Central America John Bierhorst.  Image result for Famous people of Mexico Anna Carew-Miller ;   Image result for The Aztec news author: Philip Steele   Image result for The day it snowed tortillas = El día que nevaron tortillas : folktales told in Spanish and English by Joe Hayes ;



Image result for Jump into the sky Shelley Pearsall.   Image result for Skating with the Statue of Liberty / [Book] Susan Lynn Meyer.   Image result for Al Capone does my shirts / [Book] Gennifer Choldenko.     Image result for American Street Ibi Zoboi.  Image result for code talkers book  Image result for julie of the wolves


Image result for The madman of Piney Woods   Image result for he story of Owen : dragon slayer of Trondheim E. K. Johnston.   Image result for Elijah of Buxton Christopher Paul Curtis.  Image result for The winter people Joseph Bruchac.   Image result for Queen of hearts martha brooks  Image result for the ransom of Mercy Carter Caroline B. Cooney.


Image result for becoming naomi leon  Image result for The inexplicable logic of my life a novel by Benjamin Alire Sáenz   Image result for Tortilla sun / [Book] Jennifer Cervantes.  Image result for The circuit : stories from the life of a migrant child Francisco Jiménez.  Image result for esperanza rising  Image result for senderos fronterizos


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