Now that Back to School week is over and teachers and staff have been introduced to all the new and exciting services at OPA, the Support team thought it a good idea to summarize all the Support block discussions and training.

1.  FMX – Facilities Management Express – FMX is the new Maintenance, Technology, Security, Supply, Scheduling, and Inventory Management System at OPA that allows staff and support to better manage issues and problems that occur around campus.  Submitting “requests” are very easy and categorized based on the type of issue the user is having.  This allows the Support Staff to assign tasks and get issues handled quicker and more efficiently.  It also allows Support to manage costs associated with every equipment item at the school so we can better budget for the items we need most.

2.  PaperCut MF – Printer Management System – Papercut MF is a printer management system that allows Ogden Prep to have Unified Printing and Copying across the entire campus.  Users can now print and copy a monthly alotted amount without worrying about copy codes, locations, or maximums.  The system also allows for all devices at the school to have the ability to print including iPads and Chromebooks.   Administration can also manage the costs associated with printing to a detailed degree and allocate resources across campus to those that need it more than others.

3.  The OPA Dashboard – The OPA Dashboard is the new central hub of information for Ogden Preparatory.  If users need any information they can simply come to the Dashboard website ( and find it.  Information includes a unified Calendar of Events, Important Documents and Resources, Staff Directory and Email Group Directory, Announcements and Communication, Professional Development Opportunities, and Contact Information.  In the coming months, OPA Dashboard is going to be getting a massive upgrade which will give it more features and make it more accessible on mobile devices.

4.  OPA Communication Avenues – OPA Support introduced new communication avenues for staff members this year.  Avenues include Blogger, Google Sites, Google+, and email techniques and tips to communicate with parents, students, and the community.  Support also gave updated procedures for delivering parental group emails to better manage the content that is being delivered to our audience.

5.  Responsibilities for our Devices – OPA Support spent time giving a detailed overview of the responsibilities that staff have with regards to the technology at the school.  Support also gave recommendations on how to manage scheduling of devices, handing devices off to other users, and techniques for giving responsibility to students.

It has been a very good and effective back to school week from the Support Departments perspective.  The learning curve has been minimized by the staffs willingness to learn and adopt these new systems and strategies and we thank you for helping OPA Support continue to provide you with the most efficient service possible.



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