Parent/Community Subscriptions!!!

Starting today, parents, the community, and OPA Staff can follow blogs and receive email notifications when a new post is published!!   This is a great tool to communicate with your parents.   It’s easy for parents to subscribe, they just simply click on the “Follow” button next to your profile picture and enter their email address.  They will receive a confirmation email with a link, as soon as they click on that link they will start receiving notifications when you post to your Blog!

Navigation Links Updated

We have added so many great features to the Dashboard (haha) that we are running out of space.  In an effort to fix this issue, starting today the Dashboard is getting a navigation link update.  Now Your links will be Vertically aligned instead of horizontally aligned. (See Below)

Thank you for your support of the new Dashboard and keep a look out for further updates.  We have a big style update coming soon!