Today we used print outs of children with different emotions and light up water speakers that keep the beat to music to see if we could identify the different feelings that the various musical artists were trying to help us feel. At first most of our students were a bit nervous about what might happen when I plugged in the light up water speakers, but they were trusting enough with their noise canceling headphones to let me turn them on and start the music out very quietly. Soon we had brave dance masters in our room! They were very serious in thinking through the emotions that they were feeling as the songs were playing.

Mrs. Herrick, Ms. Emily and I were surprised by some of the different feelings that students picked out. Sometimes a song that makes one person feel happy, another person might feel nervous. This was an interesting new idea for some of us. It’s hard to believe that we don’t all see or “hear” things the same way sometimes.

We all can have different feelings and emotions about things, this is one of the many things that make us all unique and fantastic! One thing we could all agree on though is that we all like music.

We absolutely loved spending this half hour with your precious children.

Check out our first music class adventure on Mrs. Tran’s Class Dojo account.

Next week your students will be bringing home the Emotion Kid cut outs all decked out with their own color choices for home use.



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