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I think the best way to introduce myself is to tell you my mission in life: I am going to Create Relationships, Build People and Change the World!
Where did that come from? How are you going to do that, you ask?
Well, I grew up on a potato farm in Rexburg, Idaho where I watched my family build a community, my grandma cooked two meals a day 5 days a week for 12 men. She loved to get to know people through food and conversation about what was important to them. My Dad took over the farm when I was 14 and has provided for our family and several others. I have learned how to work hard and have fun on a farm and through sport. I have been on athletic teams since age 12; volleyball, basketball, tennis and track. Through hard work and some great opportunities, I have played and coached high school as well as collegiate volleyball. I have team mates from all over the world, and two college degrees as a result of athletics.
After college, I moved to Kingman, Arizona with my husband and 1st son. My husband was a teacher and I coached volleyball. After a year of coaching, I was asked to teach Biology, Physical Science and P.E.. I have been in Arizona for the last 16 years, teaching, coaching, instructional coaching and being an administrator in the Kingman Unified School District. In those 16 years, I had another son and went through a divorce. I have coached 8 woman’s teams in volleyball and basketball. I taught Chemistry, Biology, AP Chemistry and College Chemistry to over 3000 students. In 2007, I left the classroom to be an instructional coach full time and pursue administration. In 2012, I was remarried and moved to Salt Lake City, UT. This year I happily returned to administration at Ogden Preparatory Academy. I am thrilled to be part of a community that strives to make every day a great day for kids. I am happy to be returning to my family in Utah and Idaho, and the addition of a wonderful husband and four step kids to my life. It is my mission to build your kids and families through education, create a strong community through relationships, and empower kids that will change our world through responsible citizenship.

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Amie Campbell

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"Understand that life isn't what you are given. It's what you create, what you conquer, and what you aim to achieve." – Anonymous




Masters of Science in Educational Administration & Supervision
Arizona State University
Graduated 2011

Masters of Science in Food Chemistry
University of Idaho
Graduated 1996

Bachelors of Nutrition & Food Science
University of Idaho
Graduated 1994