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Help us achieve a Growth Mindset!!

At OPA, we want to develop a growth mindset about education in general, specifically about mathematics.    We are excited to introduce the Math at OPA webpage.  This page will provide you with up to date information about our math-related activities.  Parents will also be receiving the OPA Mathematics Newsletter each month with great information about Math at OPA!

Check out our Math Blog below.  You can also follow this blog and receive email notifications when the blog is updated.

Math at OPA Blog

What should today’s mathematics instruction look like? (12/11/2018)- Check out the NCTM Principles to Action.  Facilitate more “teach” less. In the first OPA Mathematics Newsletter, we introduced the type of task that can be engaging for students at many different skill levels.  It is called the Border Problem.  It is from a website called youcubed (link included below) in conjunction with Jo Boaler and the Mathematical Mindsets course. … ...Continue Reading
Mathematics PLS Online Course Offerings (12/5/2018)- Registration for Spring PLS Courses are now OPEN! Register by January 10th!!! To register for: Elementary Math: Progressions in Fractions for Teachers Grades 3-5 click HERE Elementary Math: Progressions in Place Value for Teachers Grades K-2 click HERE Math: Magnifying 6th Grade Mathematics click HERE Math: Magnifying 8th Grade Mathematics click HERE ...Continue Reading
Teachers and Parents you will love the videos on this site. (11/14/2018)- Math Antics is a really great resource for easy to understand video clips about a variety of math topics from Arithmetic to Algebra.  Be aware that for exercises and some other additional services the site asks for payment.  I am not promoting that part – that is your choice, but THE VIDEOS ARE FREE, and INSTRUCTIVE. Here is the link: … ...Continue Reading
Place Value Models – Addition and Subtraction (11/14/2018)- For many of us the way mathematics looks today is different than we are used to from when we were in school.  However, mathematics has not changed really.  Full article attached. ...Continue Reading
State Mathematics Newsletter (11/14/2018)- Here is Utah’s State Mathematics Newsletter for November:   ...Continue Reading
Math At OPA Newsletter – November ’18 (11/8/2018)- Below is the November Math at OPA Newsletter.  Thank you for participating in our initiative to improve math skills at Ogden Prep! FY19 November Math Newsletter ...Continue Reading
Let’s Talk Productive Struggle. (11/8/2018)- Wait a minute!?  What do you mean failure is good?!  Let’s talk productive struggle.   Last Friday, we talked a little bit about the benefits of productive struggle.  For many of us, the thought of creating struggle for students who already seem stressed, and at a boiling point before they even hit the door seems like an uncommonly bad idea. … ...Continue Reading
Equation for Math Success (10/25/2018)- With a little creativity, I took the formula showcased in the linked article and changed it up. S=(2C-F+E^2)/T Success is the result of Confidence and Courage without Fear combined with Energy multiplied by Effort over Time. Here are a couple other excerpts from the article that I found interesting: "she’ll tell her students: “If you put forth the effort and… ...Continue Reading
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