Drawing students were scheduled to complete a series of tutorials this week, all dealing with the human facial features. While several students finished on time with quality, there are many who did not and will need to continue this prior to working on their auction pieces upon returning after break. This will, unfortunately, be one of their heaviest assignments until after the completion of the auction works.

Sculpture students have mostly finished their plaster works on time, wrapping everything up in Friday’s class periods. The masks have come out so cool and many students managed to understand the concept of subtractive molds fairly easily to make neat plaster pourings.  Upon returning from break, these students will begin working with clay.  

Painting students have worked a little bit with water colors to take a break from all of the acrylic work, but will begin working on their auction pieces as well upon our return. 

Design students have begun their architecture unit and most have completed their floor plans. Students used a 1″=4′ scale on graph paper to design and develop their house concepts. Those who finished quickly moved on to their mood boards, and in some cases their scale models. In the end they should have three products that all visibly relate in one manner or another. 


Lastly please remember that OPA’s Art Auction is coming up fast! The auction will be held in both the elementary and secondary gyms on April 25th from 5-7.  The students have done AMAZING work for this event and I sincerely hope that our community comes out to support them. 




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