Love your Library Book Contest


Thanks to all of the students who participated in the Love your Library Book Contest this year.  We had a great turnout.  After three judges read through all of the entries, the following winners were announced.  Everyone who entered the contest received a prize and a certificate.  Please read the back of the certificate with your child to see the great comments they received.  Thanks to all who participated this year and we encourage you to continue writing.

Winners’ entries will be displayed at Art Night on Wednesday, May 4th beginning at 5:00 pm outside of the library.  All entries will be shared with the classes during library time in April.

The following is a list of our winning entries:



1st Place – Lauren Sabin

2nd Place (tie)– Mahala Fisher and Addyson Coleman

3rd Place  – Russell Krebs

Honorable Mention – Lucas Hall


1st Grade:

1st Place (tie) – Olivia Gutierrez and Ashlynn Taylor

2nd Place – Chloe Muehlhof

3rd Place – Ryan Janssen


2nd Grade:

1st Place (tie)- Esther Peterson and Addison Cottle

2nd Place – Gavin Shreve

3rd Place  – Daniel Budge

Honorable Mention  – Kristine Hall


3rd Grade :

1st Place  – Sophie Peterson

2nd Place –Kaitlyn Janssen

3rd Place – Lily Kirkland

Best Nonfiction – Touchapone Singta, Sonny Trevino, Anthony Romero, Tyler Davis


4th Grade:

1st Place – Isabella Dewey

2nd Place – Lillian Fisher

3rd Place – Ethan Shreve

Honorable Mention – Avery Peterson & Lucy Maag


5th Grade:

1st Place  – (tie) – Erin Kirkland and Bryannah Stevens

2nd Place – Bruce Thomas

3rd Place – Amelia Minkevitch

Honorable Mention – Diego Rojas and Bryannah Stevens  

Best Illustrations – Erin Kirkland


6th Grade:

1st Place – Maddie Hughes

2nd Place – Sophie Smith

3rd Place –  Caite Gosselin

Honorable Mention – Skylar Briggs & Charlotte Rivera

Best Group Entry: Leah, Annie and Lucy Walker



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