It’s a new year, a natural time to set goals, make resolutions or start new projects. It is a perfect time to encourage your students to look at what they want to accomplish and what they can do to be successful. Here are five easy steps to help students implement Habit 2: Begin with the End in Mind:

  1. Let them choose the BIG goal: Guide students with questions about what they want to accomplish, what they hope to do this year or beyond. Brainstorming a list of crazy to realistic goals is a great way to start the process, make a bucket list.
  2. Discuss the “Why” (purpose) of the goal: Rooting students in the reason for the goal makes it real and builds resolve to work toward it.
  3. Break the goal in to kid-sized steps: In order to make the goal achievable, record what steps need to be taken to achieve the goal. Students may struggle with articulating the steps needed not see how to break it into smaller goals in order to reach the big goal. A Data Notebook or journal is a powerful tool in seeing the smaller goals and watching the progress toward the larger goal.
  4. Brainstorm potential problems or obstacles: Be real about problems or obstacles that may arise so that your student can be prepared to work hard or struggle. When working to a goal, failures are the best teacher if we evaluate, and start again. Problem solving is one of the most important steps to building resiliency in all of us; the catch is problems must arise to be solved.
  5. Write it down; Data Notebooks: Recording the goal and then tracking progress keeps the goal in our mind and we se see progress. Also, if we have a physical document or picture to refer to, we can recommit daily or weekly.

January Events at OPA:

7th: Classes resume at OPA on a regular schedule.

11th: Uniform Free Dress Day ($1), Early Release at 12:45

14th: Start of 3rd Quarter, Report Cards sent home this week. Bullying Prevention and Internet Safety training for all 7-9th             grade students.

21st: No School, Martin Luther King Jr. Day

22nd: Boots and Bunkers Elementary Assembly on student safety.

24th: OPA 5/6th Ski Day at Nordic Valley. 3rd Grade Literacy Night at 5:30.

25th: Uniform Free Dress Day ($1)



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