Non-Graded Assignments in Canvas

Have you ever graded something in Canvas, but it shows up with this weird icon? And no matter how many times you re-enter the grade nothing happens?  

    This is actually the “Not Graded” icon that canvas has.  

  This occurs when you give the assignment a grade, but then the student resubmits it. It is now what Canvas considers “Not finalized.” Because students have submitted the assignment again, Canvas is expecting you to either go in and adjust the grade, or keep the grade the same.   Here is how you can do this: 1.  Click on the icon and have it take you to the speedgrader.  2.  From there, adjust the grade or, 3.  If you want to keep the same grade, simply click on the blue link: “Use this same grade for the resubmission

This will finalize the grade, and that pesky “Not Graded” icon will disappear.