How to receive Remote Desktop Support

There may be times when an issue is being more difficult than usual. You have contacted support and they can’t seem to replicate your problem. There is a way to get us to see what you see! Google has a remote desktop feature that allows you to connect with a support agent so that they can see your screen. This is very helpful to both support staff and users so that confusion can be mitigated as to what is going on. 

1. First thing to do is open a new Google tab. Once there, search for “chrome remote desktop”

search Chrome Remote Desktop

2. Click on “Chrome Remote Desktop”

The URL should read, “” This should be the first result that comes up in the search. 

From there you will be brought to a screen that has a laptop and table split down the middle of the screen. 

Alternative Connection

It is possible that your chrome browser has the extension for Remote desktop already enabled. If this is the case you can find it in the top right corner of your browser under the extensions. 

3. Click Remote Support

From here you will be prompted to login to google if you are not already. Sign in to Google with your student’s account. You will then be brought to the following screen: 

4. Click Generate Code and give your support specialist the number generated.

Read or email your support specialist the number generated so they can put in their number. NOTE: If you are working on a desktop, laptop, or other devices not managed by google (chromebooks or mobile devices) you will be asked to download the extension to your browser. Just follow the instructions provided in the same place where the “Generate Code” button would be. 

Please keep in mind that the code will only be valid for 5 minutes upon generating. So act quickly here to get your support connected!

5. Give the support specialist permission to see and control your computer.

After you have given your support specialist your code, they will enter it on their end and a message will come up asking you to give them permission. Go ahead and click “share” and you are now connected! 

Your support specialist will now be able to see and control your computer to help troubleshoot your issues!