Gmail “Reply All” settings

This weeks Simple Solution involves the Gmail “Reply All” feature. When someone sends an email to you, there is an option to reply to that email using the simple reply button located in various areas of the Gmail interface. But what happens if someone sends an email to a group and you reply? By default, Gmail will only reply to the sender of the email. This setting can cause a large amount of lost communication if the replier’s intention was to reply to the entire group of people. Gmail has you covered with a setting that can turn on “Reply All” by default so you don’t miss anyone in your email responses. Here is how to access the setting:

A. Go to the Settings (Gear) icon in Gmail

B. Click on the “See all Settings” button

C. In the middle of the “General” Tab settings section you will see a setting called “Default Reply Behavior”. Just change it to “Reply all” and click save at the bottom.

D. Now when you click on the “Reply” Button, it will actually be a “Reply All” button instead! You can still reply just to one person as well.