Arming the building

This tutorial will show you how to arm the buildings from the Alarm Panel in the Front Office.  

Arming the Building

Step 1:  Before Arming the Building, make an all call in the building to ensure that no one else is still inside.

  On any school phone, pick up the headset, dial 4000, wait for the tone, and then select one of the following:

Elementary All Call – Press 9   Junior High All Call – Press 8   Announce that you are arming the building and have any employee dial the extension you are at to stop the process.     Step 2:  If no one response after a few minutes, make your way to the Alarm Panel:  

  Step 3:  Press the CMD Button until you see the “Arm” and “DisArm” options on the screen:  

  Step 4:  Press the button Below “ARM”.   Enter your 5 Digit Access Code.   Step 5:  Confirm by pressing the button below “ALL”.     Step 6:  The Panel will start beeping and you have 60 seconds to exit the building.