Tech Updates

Clever Rostering

It took a long time (5 days) but we finally were able to get Clever rostered.  I emailed all employees informing them of some key points about the Clever Rostering but they are included here as well:

1.  Most vendors sync nightly with Clever so your applications (iReady, Imagine Learning, etc.) will probably not complete their rostering until tomorrow (Saturday).
2.  Students should have access to Clever using both the Google Login and Clever Badges.  Elementary Staff, I will send a separate email with Badge information.
3.  If your students are not able to access clever it is because their school provided email is not correct in Clever.   There has been some misunderstanding on the format of student emails and we are working on fixing this issue.  If you have any students that cannot login to clever come Monday, please let me know by submitting a ticket to
4.  The rostering has been completed for primary teachers only based on sections in Aspire.  If you are a TA or a co-teacher or you do not have a class assigned to you in Aspire, you have not been added to the section in Clever.  Come and see me or submit a ticket if you desperately need access to Clever and I will set you up.  I will work on adding co-teachers and TAs as soon as possible.
5.  Elementary Staff should have access to a Shared Drive in Google Drive called “Clever”.  There are badges in there with Badges for Students sorted by Grade and by Section (Teacher).

Maintenance Updates

We performed our first Weekly Maintenance and Security Walk Through in the Junior High and have scheduled our upcoming Walkthrough in the Elementary.  Overall the building is looking good and there are very minor fixes that are needed.

An email went out regarding sanitizer stations.  If you could please educate your students on the importance of not dripping the sanitizer all over the nicely waxed floors that would be great.  The sanitizer strips the very expensive wax and causes a headache for Gabriel and Maria.

We have a bank of old computer carts (the old COWS).  They are being recycled next week.  If you have a use for any of these carts, please let me know and we can discuss whether it is worth it to keep them around.  They are located in the south west portion of the Elementary Gym.

Security Updates

We had our first meeting of the OPA Safety & Security Team.  The meeting was short but covered a lot of important information regarding Fire Drills, Non Fire related Drills, Weekly Walkthroughs, and our team responsibilities. 

The team is made up of 6 individuals:

  • Drew Smith
  • Debbie Deem
  • Kasey Kennington
  • Stephanie Mathers
  • Garey Kent
  • Steven Davis

Be on the lookout for some documentation in the coming week(s) regarding our Fire Drill procedures during the pandemic.
Thank you for all that you do and please have a good weekend.



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