This week we will be learning about the Day of the Dead holiday which is celebrated in Mexico on November 1-2. This is a beautiful holiday where families come together to celebrate and remember their loved ones that have passed on. It is actually an upbeat and positive holiday, not sullen and sad. Families prepare the favorite meals and listen to the favorite music of their loved ones and tell stories about them. It’s more similar to the way we celebrate Memorial Day than Halloween. It’s easy to lump this one together with Halloween since it’s so close in it’s date, but it is a very different holiday indeed. It is a time to come together and celebrate (and even have a fiesta!) in honor of the loved ones that are no longer with us. Here is a link to the song that we are singing and the activities that we are doing in class:  You can login to our Rockalingua account using the username: OPA1 and the password: Aguilas  and if you would rather that your child does not participate in these activities, I have alternative activities available.

In first grade science we are learning about observing and graphing data, and have been tracking the weather at different times of the day since August on a graph in the classroom. We will be learning about sources of water this week as well (precipitation, streams, lakes, oceans).

In second grade science we are learning about weather patterns and seasons.

In third grade science we are learning about the motion patterns of the earth and moon and why it appears that the sun and stars move across the sky.

In 4th grade social studies we are learning about population concentrations in Utah and how it is influenced by the physical geography. We are also learning about industry in Utah that is related to the physical geography (mining, oil, agriculture, tourism).  I have also unlocked the “La Dentista” song for the week of Halloween in their accounts- it’s a funny/scary cartoon in Spanish that really has the kids excited and talking (in Spanish of course!)

An incredible resource that we have access to for science/social studies in Spanish is BrainPOP Espanol. If you would like to enhance your child’s development in either of these areas (they also have sections for math, art, music, health, technology and culture), you can use this resource at home by logging into our account using the Username: opaspanish1 and the Password: Aquilas1