We have been making the most of our hour together!  We begin class with the pledge (en Español) and then do a few quick interactive questions as a class (charting the weather, date, time, etc.) The next ten minutes are reading time, usually done together as a class (once a week they read a book of their choice individually.)  Then it’s onto everyone’s favorite- Singing time!  There is never enough time during this 15 minute segment to sing everyone’s favorite song, especially when adding 2 new songs a week. Singing songs that are understandable and at their learning level is an outstanding way to model perfect pronunciation,while building a useful vocabulary that students truly make their own. 40 years from now, they still won’t be able to get the song lyrics out of their heads 🙂 We then have a focus lesson (science/social studies) for 15 minutes (often using BrainPop Español- another valuable tool to use at home if you can. Please email me for login info.) The last 15 minutes are then left for practice and getting as many repetitions as we can using the target vocabulary. This is where the iPads are invaluable- keeping students engaged while offering individualized, leveled exposure and interaction with the curriculum. Students also take quizzes on the iPads to assess their understanding, and when they are finished they are able to play their favorite music videos and interactive games or jump ahead to new ones.

I will be sending home labels this week that I’ve printed out that you can tape up around the house to help reinforce Spanish at home. Any time we can get them to use their Spanish outside of the classroom setting, they really begin to own it and make it theirs forever. Other tools that you have available to reinforce your child’s Spanish learning at home are their library books in Spanish (they can check books out from me as well), www.rockalingua.com, Mi Mundo en Palabras, www.senorwooly.com (4th grade only), www.brainpop.com, and www.getepic.com (my class code is lqg2483).



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