This week we started using the computers, which is a great way to get the students a lot more repetitions using the vocabulary in a variety of contexts.  Bruce Boughton (one of our amazing tech guys) rounded up some older iPads that our class will be able to use. This will drastically increase the amount of Spanish practice that students get, and allows them to work at their own pace and explore new things that interest them when they’ve completed the target assignment.  I highly encourage students to practice at home if they have a device available.

For grades 1-4, go to and sign in with the username: OPA1 and password: Aguilas for full access to the songs and activities. Another site that we use is called “Mi Mundo en Palabras” and is found here:

4th graders have each created a Senor Wooly account which tracks their individual progress. They can go to and sign into their accounts there.

Students in the intensive program should also be bringing a library book home in Spanish that they check out during their regular classroom weekly library visit.

We created a graph that charts the temperature at various times of the day which we will track for the entire school year.

I will be sending home some labels with your students that you can tape on various objects around the house to help reinforce vocabulary and encourage them to use Spanish at home.



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