Today was a great day at Google NEXT ’17, filled with exciting product launches and integrations that will really help propel Ogden Prep into the future with Educational Technology.   Below is the summary of my sessions:

Day 2:

Opening Keynote

March 9, 9:00 AM–11:00 AM

On Day 2, Google announced new products for Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and G Suite. Product and engineering leaders, including Urs Hölzle, Prabhakar Raghavan, Brian Stevens and Chet Kapoor shared roadmaps of Google Cloud’s future product direction. We were also introduced to exciting product demos and heard from customers about how Google Cloud is helping them compete and succeed.

Building enterprise-ready apps with the Team Drives API

March 9, 12:00 PM–1:00 PM

In this session,  we learned about the changes that the Team Drives API introduces for developers, especially around sharing and folder parenting. We saw how some of Google’s biggest partners updated their apps to make use of the Team Drive functionality.  I am happy to announce that Team Drives will be available at Ogden Prep later this year, with full implementation for the 2017-2018 school year.

Google Drive: The enterprise-ready alternative to on-prem file shares and legacy content management

March 9, 1:20 PM–2:20 PM

Today, IT leaders have an unfortunate choice when it comes to content storage and management: the comfortable, known, stable world of legacy systems. Or, the innovation and transformation promised by new cloud solutions. With multiple new capabilities launching today, the Google Drive team is eliminating that choice and providing the best of both worlds.  Ogden Prep is happy to announce the integration of Google Drive and all of the new features.  We look forward to additional integration deployments later this year.

Cloud computing for Education

March 9, 2:40-3:40 PM

Cloud computing is reshaping every industry. What does the Cloud mean for higher education? In this session, we were provided an overview of the impact cloud computing tools are having on infrastructure & operations, application development, and big data and machine learning. We discussed how tools like Google Cloud Platform can help schools innovate and become more efficient in their campus IT, business processes (e.g. recruitment, admissions), research and teaching.

Learning Technology & Machine Learning

March 9, 4:00-5:20 PM

In this talk, Google provided a history lesson of how humans taught machines to be intelligent. Experts then applied those same concepts to how humans teach each other, and what this means for the future of our schools, classes, and the technology we use for learning.

Check back for the final day!
Andrew Smith
Building & Systems Administrator
Ogden Preparatory Academy


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