Families who wish to keep all Term 4 grades for their students do not need to fill out this form.

  • Reminder: There will be no F’s given in Term 4

If you do wish to adjust any Term 4 grades, please fill out the form below.

There are three grade selection choices:

  • Grade as Calculated in Aspire
  • Pass
  • Mirror Grade from Term 3

FY20 Term 4 Grade Decision

  • List each class and make a grade choice for that class.

    Click on the + to create a new row. Any class not listed will have the grade as calculated in Aspire.

    Class NameTeacherGrade Choice 
  • By signing below, I am certifying that I am the legal guardian of the student listed, and I approve of the grades for FY20 Term 4 that have been selected.