If you are having issues with connectivity between your AppleTV and iOS devices, There are a number of factors that could be causing these issues.

There are 4 steps to quickly resolve the issue.  If these 4 steps do not resolve the issue, please submit a ticket to the HelpDesk for additional support.

1.  Ensure that your iOS or MacOS device is up to date with the latest OS update

Unlock your iOS device and click Settings/General/Software Update.  If your device says it is up to date, move onto the next step.  If a newer version is available, download and install the new version.

2.  Ensure that your AppleTV is up to date with the latest OS update

Turn on your AppleTV and navigate and select the Settings icon.  Within settings navigate to General/Update Software.  If your AppleTV is up to date you will be told so.  If your AppleTV is not up to date you will be prompted to update to the latest version.

3.  Restart your iOS Device

Hold the Power button on your iOS Device until asked to power off.  Slide the Power Off slider to the right and the device will shutdown.  After 30 seconds, restart your device by pressing the power button.

4.  Physically unplug the Power Cord on the back of your AppleTV

Physically reach behind the AppleTV and unplug the Power Cord from the device.  Do not mistake the power cord and the Ethernet Cord (Internet).  After 30 seconds, replug the power cord into the AppleTV and power the device on using the remote.

Once you have performed these 4 steps, you should regain access to the connection between your iOS device and the AppleTV by following the steps in connecting to AppleTV via Airplay.

For further assistance search our Solution Center or submit a ticket to the HelpDesk.




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