With a little creativity, I took the formula showcased in the linked article and changed it up.


Success is the result of Confidence and Courage without Fear combined with Energy multiplied by Effort over Time.

Here are a couple other excerpts from the article that I found interesting:

“she’ll tell her students: “If you put forth the effort and take time to do the work, your confidence will grow. Your fear of math will disappear. You will be successful.””

“Early math — that great predictor of future success, from getting into college to getting a job. It’s a foreign language that students must become fluent in, a second tongue for navigating in a rapidly changing, high-tech world.” (emphasis added)


Teacher has a formula to overcome math anxiety

Teacher has a formula to overcome math anxiety
To help students overcome their fear of math, Mary Johnson, a former Washington, D.C., math teacher and tutor, says she focuses on students’ “state of mind” and presents them with a formula that focuses on efforts to build confidence. Johnson says educators must not make assumptions about student abilities and should focus on teaching the basics.


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