Enrollment & Registration at OPA

Ogden Preparatory Academy (OPA) is an open enrollment institution that uses a Lottery System.  There are two steps in the OPA Enrollment process:

  1. Application/Lottery Process
  2. Registration
    • New Student Registration
    • Current Student Re-Enrollment
    • Fee Waiver Acknowledgement

Application/Lottery Process

OPA provides applicants with an easy, online registration system.  To apply for the Lottery, applicants can visit OPA Lottery Application and fill out the online application for each potential student.  The OPA Lottery System randomly selects applicants as space becomes available.  The lottery takes into consideration sibling, staff, and board member priorities when determining the selection.  Applicants must apply each year. Applications DO NOT roll over to the next school year if an applicant is not accepted.

New Student Registration

Once an applicant is selected for enrollment with the OPA Lottery System, they have 10 days to accept and register their student. OPA uses Aspire for registration and management of student data. Accepted applicants can register by visiting The Ogden Preparatory Academy Registration Website.

Student records must be delivered to the Registrars prior the students arrival at Ogden Preparatory Academy.  Below is Registrar information:

Elementary Registrar

Beckie Reisen

Beckie Reisen

Email:  breisen@ogdenprep.org
Phone:  801-627-2066
Fax Record Requests to:  801-394-2267

Junior High Registrar

Jenny Westbroek and Brittany Ladley

Jenny Westbroek and Brittany Ladley

Email:  jwestbroek@ogdenprep.org or bladley@ogdenprep.org
Phone:  801-627-3066
Fax Record Requests to:  801-395-2267

Current Student Re-Enrollment

Current students can visit The Ogden Preparatory Academy Registration Website to re-enroll for the upcoming year.  Re-Enrollment occurs every year and must be completed within the re-enrollment window to retain a seat with the school.  Existing students’ families will receive information each year regarding the window for re-enrollment.

7-9th Grade Fee Waiver Application