The Library will be hosting the following clubs this year. More information and permission slips may be picked up in the library beginning Thursday, Aug. 27th or may be pulled up on under clubs and activities tab. Library Clubs begin September 1st and end at 3:45. Other club information can be found in the office.


Lego Club

Tuesdays – Lego Club for 1st- 3rd grade – Due to high demand this Lego Club is divided into two 16 week sessions. First session: Sept. 1st – Jan. 5th. Second session: Jan 12th – May 3rd. The first 40 students to turn in a signed permission slip will attend the first session.

Thursdays-Lego Club for 4-6th grade

Book Clubs

1st Wed. of each month -1st & 2nd Book Club

2nd Wed. of each month – 3rd & 4th Book Club

3rd Wed. of each month – 5th & 6th Book Club

Yoga Club


Young Runner’s Program

Thursdays–2nd to 6th graders

For information about the elementary library check out their blog: Elementary Library blog



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