Seal of the Dominican Republic

what has a great undeniable poet been
but a crystal-clear pool
where a people discover their perfect
What has he been
but a deep garden
where all men recognize themselves
through language?
And what
but the chord of a boundless guitar
where the fingers of the people play
their simple, their own, their strong and
true, innumerable song?”

~Pedro Mir

Poet Laureate of Dominican Republic

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Did You Know?

  • The Dominican Republic has the highest mountain peak in the Caribbean.
  • In 1586, the British pirate Sir Francis Drake briefly occupied the city of Santo Domingo before collecting a ransom in exchange for its return to Spanish rule.
  • In the Dominican Republic, wrinkling one’s nose indicates one does not understand.
  • Habichuelas con dulce, a dessert similar to rice pudding but made with red beans, is popular at Easter.

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Habicheulas con Dulce