As we start off the second week of school, I want to remind parents of what supplies are due this week as we continue to get organized for the rest of the year. Check the bottom of this post for due date reminders for this week.

9th Grade Language Arts

For Language Arts we will begin to set criteria for what makes a good story. We will talk about plot structure and how to identify and create the different parts of a plot.

Theater Arts 1

Theater Arts students will work together on the basics of story telling, and each student will ultimately get in front of the class and tell their own personal story. The goal is to get them in front of the class. They will also be graded on their observations of other personal stories and goal setting for their next performance.

Upcoming Dates

  • Language Arts Honors:
    • Tuesday, August 28th: Disclosures are due
    • Thursday, August 30th: Binder organization with tabs/dividers, honor contract, and poem of the day recommendations are due
  • Language Arts:
    • Thursday, August 30th: Disclosures and binder organization with tabs/dividers
  • Theater Arts 1:
    • Wednesday, August 29th: Personal Story Performance
    • Friday, August 31st: Disclosures and tabs/dividers for binder are due



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