Disable “What If” Feature

Lindsay Henry in Canvas Studio 4 months ago

As helpful as the “what if” feature can be, many students become obsessed with their grade as they create hypothetical situations that lead to “grade grubbing”.  We all know too well the “I needed a 92 on the project to have an A and I was only one point away so is there anything I can do?” situation with a student.     I propose that teachers …Read More

Stamps or Stickers for quick, motivating, feedback on written assignments

Tamara Molina in Canvas Studio 2 days ago

Normally when I grade a Biology lab write up on paper, I’m able to write simple check-marks to indicate to the students that they’ve done a good job.  Teachers don’t have time to write extensive comments on every part of an assignment.  A simple check-mark or smiley face communicates to the student that they’ve met the goals of the assignment in …Read More

Re-sorting Rubric Criteria

Craig Milgrim in Canvas Studio 2 days ago

I found a HUGE Canvas goof.  Criteria cannot be sorted in exiting rubrics or even ones that are being created.   I tried to add a criterion to an existing rubric (that has 30+ items).  New Criterion appeared at the bottom and there is no way to move the new item. I called HELP and their suggestion was to re-do the entire Rubric!!!!! What good …Read More

When do external links from a Canvas page open a new tab?

James McLean in Find Answers 1 week ago

On the Front Page for my course, I have several links to external URLs.  They are just simple HTML links—for instance, the HTML tags do not have a target attribute.  Some of them, when clicked, create a new tab in my browser (that is, target=”_blank” type behavior).  Others, when clicked, open in the same browser tab, entirely replacing the Canvas …Read More

Printing a string of email messages from Canvas

Michelle Everson in Find Answers 5 days ago

Hello,   Perhaps I am missing something, but I wanted to print a series of email messages and responses between myself and a  student that took place in Canvas.  Am I able to do that that?  Anytime I open one message to reply to it, I can see all the other messages that went back and forth between us, but I need a way of printing this in one …Read More

SPECS grading in Canvas

Ronald Ruiz in Find Answers 7 days ago

I want to adopt SPECS grading in my online Canvas courses. This means ALL assignments in the course are graded on a Pass-Fail basis.   I will include Discussion posts, Optional Chapter quizzes, Tests, and a comprehensive Final exam in my online courses. Below are the criteria for each assignment. I will also include assignments from Cengage …Read More

change group grade

Michelle Bruce in Find Answers 3 days ago

I made a group for a project and I am wondering how I can change an individual grade. When I change the grade it changes the whole groups. This student did not pull his weight so his grade needs to different. How do I do this? …Read More

Docviewer – default palette of icons/ images

Jeff Ferner in Canvas Studio 5 months ago

My skill with drawing using a mouse in Docviewer  is rather lackluster.  So my thought is a palette of predefined images would be ever so helpful.  A question mark, green check mark, new paragraph, etc. would be rather useful.  Any interest?   …Read More

Reply to Discussion Using Email

Stuck without web access? In a hurry? If your community manager has enabled this feature, you can respond to Canvas Community discussions by using the reply feature of your email client. Just reply to the email notification that you’d like to respond to, type up your reply, and hit Send. Your reply will show up in Canvas Community momentarily.
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