Your Canvas LMS Community Newsletter for January 3, 2019

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 Canvas Instructor Guide – Table of Contents

Canvas Doc Team in Guides: Canvas 4 weeks agoIntroduction View


Laura Gibbs in Laura Gibbs’ Blog 15 hours agoI’ve really been struggling with how to write this blog post. My emotions are running pretty high. Canvas has screwed up my Gradebook, again, and this time there is no way to fix it.   When Canvas put those red MISSING and LATE labels in the old Gradebook, there was a campaign here at the Community to get rid of them. And that campaign worked. I …Read More

 Canvas Student Guide – Table of Contents

Canvas Doc Team in Guides: Canvas 4 weeks agoIntroduction View

 Canvas Release Notes (2019-01-05)

Erin Hallmark in Release Notes: Canvas 2 weeks agoIn this Canvas release (January 5), the Course Link Validator page includes design enhancements for link clarity, including identifying broken Course Card images. And the Course Details page has been updated to clarify term and course dates as well as the options to restrict students from viewing the course. No functionality has been affected.   …Read More

 Allow folders in Pages

Beck Hasti in Canvas Studio 4 months agoThe Files section of Canvas allows folders for organizing files. Pages does not. Why the awful inconsistency in the user interface? I currently have 30+ pages that I’ve created in – all in flat directory structure. I’d like to be able to organize them, you know, like Files and stuff I have on my computer. …Read More

 Customizable Checklists to Add to Modules

Shane Degen in Canvas Studio 2 days agoThis is a feature that I was expecting to find in Canvas because I have used it in D2L Brightspace. A checklist is something that is added to a module and created by the instructor. Here’s an article about it in D2L and here’s a video tutorial.    Functionality The checklist would be interactive in that students could “check” the boxes of tasks …Read More

 Does my institution or does Canvas/Instructure determine default notification settings for students specifically regarding grades?

Jeff Schinske in Q & A 4 days agoIt has bothered me for some time that the default notification setting for grades is “on” in Canvas.  This article brings home the point: Mental Health Experts Worry Digital ‘Open Grade Books’ Are Stressing Kids Out | The California Report | KQED News Notably, the article is really only talking about open grade books, which I’m willing to deal …Read More

 How do you merge the content from two separate Canvas accounts?

Jacob Blair in Q & A 12 hours agoI created a Canvas account and started designing my class before I was officially hired as an adjunct professor. Once hired, they gave me access to Canvas through the university login info. It seems that I have two separate accounts now and I need to know how to get all the work I’ve done on one account into the other account. Please help. …Read More


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