Here is the Summary of the Canvas Presentation at the faculty meeting last week.

Canvas at OPA
  • How Canvas works for all grade levels
  • Accessing your OPA Canvas account
  • Training & Professional Development
  • Classes, Students, and Parents in Canvas
  • Adding content to your classes
  • Attendance and grading in Canvas
  • Canvas mobile apps

How Canvas works for all grade levels

  • Customizable
  • An automated communication tool with parents
  • A great visual evaluation tool for administrators
  • A perfect springboard to other content.
  • Fully integrated with CLEVER.
    • CLEVER is a program for K-2 students that allows automatic login to devices and applications using Badges.
    • CLEVER will be implemented on all K-2 OPA computers starting FY19.
    • Canvas is one of the automated apps in the CLEVER portfolio.
Accessing OPA Canvas

Step 1:  Visit any Google Apps page (Gmail, Drive, Docs, Slides, etc.)
Step 2:  Click on the “Waffle” Icon AKA App Launcher
Step 3:  Scroll to the bottom and click on the “OPA Canvas” link
Training & Professional Development

  • UEN PD Course
    • All Teachers are signed up for the UEN PD Course, they just have to accept the invite.
    • The PD Course needs to be completed by the end of this school year.  (16 hours)
      • This will allow you all summer to build your classes to your liking.
  • Other PD Resources
    • OPA Professional Development Courses
      • Open Canvas
      • Click on “Courses”
      • Click on “All Courses”
      • Click on “Browse other Courses”
  • Faculty Training Throughout the rest of the year.
    • UEN Training
    • Instructure/OPA Support Training
Classes, Students, and Parents in Canvas

  • Classes
    • All Classes are now imported from ASPIRE to Canvas
    • Teachers that do not have classes in Aspire or are under another teacher need further setup. (See Drew)
    • Teachers that participated in the EAP Program need to see Drew to complete setup.
    • Teacher Assistants will need to have the Teacher give them access to classes
      • Access Canvas
      • Click on the Course
      • Click on “People”
      • Click on “+People”
      • Enter the TA email address and set role as “TA”
  • Students
    • All Students are now imported from ASPIRE to Classes but Students do not have access to Canvas at this time.
    • If a student drops or leaves a class in Aspire, the student will be removed from Canvas the following morning.
    • Teachers that do not have classes in Aspire or are under another teacher need further setup. (See Drew)
  • Parents
    • Parents can create accounts in Canvas to observe their students.
    • Canvas is also a great communication platform for your parents
      • PTC online
      • Announcements
      • Email communication
    • Parent Account Creation Page –
Adding Content to your Canvas Classes

  • The Canvas WYSIWYG Editor (What You See Is What You Get)
  • Google Drive Content
  • Canvas Commons
  • 3rd Party Apps
Attendance & Grades in Canvas

Attendance and Grading in Canvas are optional.   The Attendance and Grade pass back features can be a very helpful tool that can save time and reduce duplicate entry.  At this time, lunch counts do not pass back to Aspire from Canvas.
  • Attendance
    • Mark by List
    • Mark by Seat Assignment
  • Grading
    • GradeBook
    • Individual View
    • SpeedGrader
    • Rules of Grade Sync
      • Go to Team Drive
      • Go to “Documents & Resources”
      • Go to “Canvas”
      • Open the “Aspire Grade Passback Tutorial” document
Canvas Mobile Apps

Canvas has an array of mobile applications for teachers, students, and parents.  Below is a list of all the mobile apps Canvas has for various operating systems:
Apple iPhones and iPads:  The App Store – Personal Devices
Apple iOS App Store
Android Devices:  Google Play Store – Personal Devices
Canvas for Teachers
Canvas for Students
Canvas for Parents
Chrome OS Devices:  Google Play Store – School Issued Devices
The Canvas for Teachers App is already available for installation on School Issued Devices that are compatible (Teacher Chrome Devices).  It’s great when you are using your School Device in Tablet Mode.  Simply click on the Google Play Store App and install the Canvas for Teacher app.