Your Canvas Community Newsletter for November 30, 2017

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 Canvas Beta Release Notes (2017-11-27)

Erin Hallmark in Release Notes 3 days ago

In this beta release, Canvas has updated features in Account Navigation, Assignments, Groups, and the New Gradebook. Small design updates have been made in the Canvas interface for Collaborations, the Dashboard, and the Rich Content Editor, and other updates have been made to Canvas languages, APIs, and other integration documentation. The Login …Read More

 Can I get a Guide?

Roxanne Conroy in Roxanne Conroy’s Blog 3 days ago

“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.”  Benjamin Franklin 1 As an LMS Admin, we come across a lot of the same questions every day. Sometimes you can take this as a sign that you need better training, that you’re not doing your job well enough, and that you might need that 2nd coffee to face the same question that came across your …Read More

 Canvas Production Release Notes (2017-11-18)

Erin Hallmark in Release Notes 1 day ago

In this production release (November 18), admins can allow observers and unenrolled users to view Help menu links. In the Act as User page, admins can also view the message the audit logs recording user activity. Additionally, the New Gradebook can be allowed on a course-by-course basis as a course-level feature option.   In courses, the Move-To …Read More

 Improve Anonymous Surveys to Make them fully Anonymous

Sharon Oxford in Canvas Studio 7 months ago

One of our faculty noticed that surveys in Canvas can’t be officially anonymous. Students need to know that their feedback is actually anonymous for surveys to work.  Right now, an anonymous survey can be made anonymous and then edited after the students have responded to make it no longer anonymous.   This allows the teacher to see the student …Read More

 Course Navigation – Move from Left-Side Column to Top of Page

Veronica Thompson in Find Answers 2 days ago

Hello!   I’m new to the community and pretty new to Canvas. I’m an ID and I’ve been tasked with restructuring Canvas to make it more learner-center and user-friendly. I’ve learned a lot reading through these forums, and have already made several improvements to the layout based on everyone’s inspired suggestions and code, so thank you so much. …Read More

 Canvas quote of the week

Bobby Pedersen in K-12 1 day ago

I stumbled on this quote today and had to share. Any other pearls of wisdom out there?   “We think many teachers live in their LMSes. Move a couch in, some mood lighting and flowers in that corner over there and it’s practically home.”  @  …Read More

 Granular Permissions Designs

Renee Carney in Priority: Granular Permissions 3 weeks ago

Greetings lovers (or loathers) of Permissions!   We’re excited to have you take a look at our designs and provide us with some feedback.     For this exercise we ask that you don’t look at every specific permission breakdown (because they will change), but instead focus on the shared goal to “simplify and clarify the UI”.  Here’s a few questions …Read More

 Locking a course every single day at specific times

Brian Anders in Find Answers 2 days ago

I am looking for a solution on how to restrict access to courses (or a sub-account) so students do not have access past a certain time each day a class is held. The students will be working with teachers in a classroom and students cannot have access to their course when they are not with teachers.   The best solution I have come up with so far …Read More


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