Canvas Beta Release Notes (2017-12-18)

Erin Hallmark in Release Notes 6 days ago

In this beta release, Canvas has updated features in the New Gradebook. Other updates are also available in the student Grades page, Rich Content Editor, and SpeedGrader, as well as in various APIs and integration tools. This release involves API and login path attributes that have been deprecated and require user attention. Features are …Read More

Disable “What If” Feature

Lindsay Henry in Canvas Studio 4 months ago

As helpful as the “what if” feature can be, many students become obsessed with their grade as they create hypothetical situations that lead to “grade grubbing”.  We all know too well the “I needed a 92 on the project to have an A and I was only one point away so is there anything I can do?” situation with a student.     I propose that teachers …Read More

Canvas Student Guide – Table of Contents

Canvas Doc Team in Guides: Canvas 3 weeks ago

Introduction View

Just Getting Started

Dolores Pelkey in Meta Community Group 2 days ago

How do i earn points and get to next level? View

Images showing intermittently

Sky V. King (FIU Online) in Find Answers 1 week ago

I kept thinking that my professor (of the course I am assisting with designing) didn’t like his picture so was deleting it. It’s been driving me crazy. However, the image was still in Files but the link was broken. I’d upload the image again (even once made it a much smaller file size) and relink to the page. However, it’s just that some moments …Read More

Images embedded in Pages disappear/reappear at random?

Kimberly Smith in Find Answers 2 weeks ago

Images (which I have saved in my Course Files and then embedded in Pages in my course) will sometimes disappear, and are replaced with the name that the image has been saved as. The image will then reappear at a later time. Is there a way to keep this from happeing? Here is an example: …Read More

Day 1: Awesome Canvas Community

Adam Williams in Meta Community Group 4 days ago

On the first day of Canvasmas, the Canvas Community gave to me: an Awesome Canvas Community…   I wanted to write a blog post about how awesome this community is, but how does one put it into words? I looked to the season for inspiration. Holidays are a time to put aside normal activities and rest, reflect, recreate, practice tradition, and in …Read More

12 Days of Canvasmas

Kristin Lundstrum in Meta Community Group 11 hours ago

This holiday season is full of reasons to be cheerful! Semesters wrap up, we have time with family and friends, and the anticipation of some vacation days is motivational.   In the United States, many of us are plagued graced with Christmas music from the moment we pack away the fall or Thanksgiving decorations. With time and without fail, The 12 …Read More

Share Something

You can easily share any document, discussion, or blog post in Canvas Community with a colleague. Just navigate to the content you want to share and click Share from the Actions menu. You can send a personalized message within the community or a link to the content, and, in some cases, even attach a PDF of the content to an email message. You can either choose someone who’s a member of Canvas Community, or you can just enter an email address of a colleague – they’ll automatically receive an invitation to join the community.



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