We are having a bake sale fundraiser! Our sweet pal Jerri Johnson (who works in the elementary library) was recently hospitalized and had emergency surgery followed by a second surgery. Jerri is a single momma of 4, and the OPA family would like to rally around her family as she heals and pulls through this tough time. You can help by (a) coming to the bake sale Friday, September 7th before AND after school and buying a treat, (b) making a donation even if you don’t want a treat – see below for how to make a Venmo donation, (c) donating a baked treat to be sold at the bake sale, and (d) sharing the Facebook/Instagram posts with your family and friends and employer so we can get an awesome turnout of support.
• If you want to make a monetary donation, OPAPO will be accepting cash or check donations at the bake sale. Or, Brookey Bakes will be accepting Venmo donations on Jerri’s behalf, use Venmo handle BrookeyBakes and indicate that it’s for Jerri’s bake sale.
• If you would like to donate a baked treat then fill out the form (link below) and bring the treat to the bake sale at7:30am or 12:30pm on the 7th; if it is a specialty treat (gluten free, contains nuts, vegan, etc) you will need to label it accordingly.
We are hoping for a great turnout so please share share share!


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