The quarter is about half way over and this week was pretty chaotic for many of our students; between a shortened week schedule and Science Fair they’ve had a lot thrown at them.

Drawing and Painting class have both worked on their auctions pieces at least once in class at this point; the goal is that each half day will automatically be slotted for working on this assignment. If any student or partnership fall behind or need more time they are more than welcomed to come in after and before school, or during homeroom to work on this.  This will be due by April 18th at the LATEST, which will make this a fourth quarter grade.

Design and Sculpture classes have had an opportunity to work on their Recycle assignment and their Costume accessory assignment in class, though few of them took advantage of this; these assignments are due March 12th and 13th. A brief explanation of each for any parent who is confused; Design students are to make a costume accessory for a budget of $20 (this ties into many events that are found throughout Utah) and Sculpture students are to start with an object and ‘recycle’ it into something new in 14 or more steps (altered books, shirts made into bags, wood into furniture)

For in class assignments the students have, across the board, been working with a largely self paced curriculum.  Sculpture students have made impressive cardboard constructions and paper mache statues. Drawing students have been working with value throughout the past several weeks and are beginning to work with drawing objects in perspective. Painting students are beginning to wrap up their unit on acrylic paintings with object studies. Lastly the Design students have completed a Doodle4Google and are working on broadsides, these students should have brought home their Doodle papers for parents to sign.



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