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I was born in Idaho, spent my early childhood on my fathers farm in the small rural town of Rexburg. At nine years old my family moved to Kingman, Arizona, another small town, where I lived until graduating High School. I am the youngest of 3 wild and crazy children of which one of them is the Principal Amie Campbell. I am also the youngest of a plethora of step relatives and in-laws. After graduating high school, and a short stint in Phoenix, I moved to Flagstaff Arizona where I finished my bachelors degree from Northern Arizona University. I graduated with a Bachelors of Science degree in Business Management with minors in Information Technology and Finance. Shortly after my graduation I moved to Logan, UT to pursue a graduate degree from Utah State University. A lucrative and exciting job offer took me away from my graduate degree before I was able to finish. I completed my master’s degree program in Information Systems in June of 2016 from the University of Utah is Salt Lake City. My professional life has been accumulated over the past 10 years. I’ve worked in multiple cities, with many job descriptions, all centered around technology. I spent 5 years as the Assistant Executive Director for the Southern Nevada Golf Association and United States Golf Association. I was the chief technical consultant involved in managing the IT for 65 clubs in the greater Las Vegas valley and over 15,000 members. This experience helped me realize that I have a knack with computers, and I enjoy working hands on with technology. Since then, I have moved myself in and out of many phases of the Business IT world trying to find my perfect fit. I feel that I have finally found it with OPA. My blend of education and real world experience helps me to provide a good support system for our teaching staff and I really enjoy the atmosphere. In my free time I try to get as far away from computers and technology as possible. I enjoy hiking, biking, and beating my sister at ALL sport related activities. I am a huge sports fanatic, both watching and playing. My weekends include golf with friends as well as tournament golf, basketball, football, and other sport that is competitive. Health and sports are a huge part of my life so you will probably find me watching or participating with the students of OPA in extra curricular activities as often as I can. I also enjoy many types of music and the arts and have already enlisted the help of our talented music teachers to help me learn to play the piano.

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Board to Parent Communication 5-29-2020

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The 2019-2020 school year brought Ogden Preparatory Academy some never before seen challenges even before COVID-19 required a closure. In May 2019, Ogden Preparatory Academy accepted a resignation letter from our CEO/Principal. In June 2019 the Board named Kasey Kennington Interim-Principal for the 2019-2020 school year. The vote for Kasey was unanimous, and the administration team was in agreeance on the decision. Kasey and his administration team did a fantastic job to round out 2019.

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