Assignment Groups
Assignment groups need to be imported into Canvas from Aspire and then assignments sorted into the appropriate assignment group in Canvas. The assignment groups must be imported for grades to pass back to Aspire.

You can pull assignment groups in from Aspire by clicking the gear box in the top right of the “Assignments” area in your Canvas course and clicking the “Import Assignment Groups” option.

Note that it may take a few minutes for the new assignment groups to be available in Canvas. You will need to refresh the Assignments page to see if the Assignment Groups have been imported.

Assignment/Quiz/Discussion Creation Rules
An assignment must be set to post grades to SIS before the assignment is eligible to be passed back to Aspire. You can do this in several locations:

  1. In the Assignments area using the Sync to Aspire option to the right of the assignment name
  2. By editing the assignment (or when creating the assignment) and checking the Post to Aspire option on the assignment.

If an item is set to Sync to Aspire, there are rules that must be followed
  1. The course must be published
  2. The assignment must be published
  3. Assignment title needs to be less than 50 characters
  4. Assignment must have everyone and/or section due date (no user/group-specific due dates)
  5. Assignment must be in Aspire-created assignment group

You can tell if an assignment is set to post grades to SIS by going to the “Assignments” tab in your course and looking for this icon:

If the icon is black, assignment will not post to SIS.  
If icon is green, assignment will post to SIS.

How to Post Grades

  1. Go to the “Grades” tab in your course
  2. Click the “Sync to Aspire Grades – Ogden Prep” button
  3. Click the “Sync Now” button
  4. See green success message at the top of the screen