For those of you that have not been informed, the education system has seen a relatively large spike in the number of Pornography cases on school/district equipment in the past few years.

One major focus of attention has been in the world of Anime.  Many parents, teachers, and student constituents alike often mistake Anime for cartoons.  This is hardly the case.  Anime, whether portraying pornographic connotations or not, is mainly geared towards adult viewers.  Ogden Prep has already seen many cases of Anime and Anime porn making its way onto school devices and in classrooms at inappropriate times.

Unfortunately, the fight against this inappropriate material is more difficult that one would think.  Since “Anime” is not considered a malicious or inappropriate search term, students are easily able to look up material on school devices.  Also, search engines like Google and Yahoo are encrypted using HTTPS(Internet protocol), which further inhibits IT from blocking such content.

OPA IT and the administration staff want to let everyone know that we are working hard to curb this issue.  We are taking the necessary steps to prevent this activity.  During this increase in security, we ask that teachers and staff be more diligent and mindful of the activity of their students on school devices.  Ultimately you are responsible for your students behavior.

We thank you for your cooperation as we work towards keeping our schools learning environment as safe and enjoyable as possible.



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