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In the 2015-16 school year at Ogden Preparatory Academy, we celebrated a diverse population.  We find hope for the future as we watch students of various ethnic and socio-economical backgrounds synergizing in classrooms throughout the school.  We take encouragement and pride when students assist their academically-challenged peers without judgment.  

During the 2015-2016 school year, we started a data analysis project called Assessment to Achievement. Faculty and staff came together to analyze assessment and classroom data to determine specific student needs and how to address them in classrooms.  We worked toward school-wide goals to help students persevere in problem-solving and acquire greater academic vocabularies.  We are building upon these efforts this year as we continue to improve the process of data analysis to classroom action and student achievement.  This year we have goals of supporting mathematics across the curriculum to assist students with their acquisition of number sense and algebraic reasoning.

We are continuing to use an English Language Development curriculum, that was implemented last year, for students who are working toward English Proficiency.  We saw great success, particularly in the elementary grades, as 21% of English learning students tested proficient.  We are working to improve our Honors program and offerings to help students prepare for the rigor of high school and post-high school educational programs.

2015-2016 Elementary PACE

2015-2016 Junior High PACE