Eastern European Country Profiles:




Image result for Modern European history Birdsall S. Viault.    Image result for the family romanov  Image result for When the wall came down : the Berlin Wall and the fall of Soviet Communism Serge Schmemann.   Image result for symphony for the dead   Image result for European history for dummies by Sean Lang.


Image result for The breakup of Yugoslavia : conflict in the Balkans Kate Transchel   Image result for The white stag written and illustrated by Kate Seredy.    Image result for Russian Folktales from Alexander Afanasiev's Collection illustrated by A. Kurkin    Image result for The life and times of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart by John Bankston.  Image result for Catherine the Great : Empress of Russia Zu Vincent.


Image result for Crime and punishment Fyodor Dostoyevsky   Image result for Between shades of gray Ruta Sepetys.  Image result for The endless steppe : growing up in Siberia Esther Hautzig.  Image result for Milkweed : a novel Jerry Spinelli.  Image result for Anna Karenina Leo Tolstoy  Image result for The Star of Kazan Eva Ibbotson

Image result for The mitten : a Ukrainian folktale adapted and illustrated by Jan Brett.      Image result for The wall : growing up behind the Iron Curtain Peter Sís.  Image result for Egg & spoon / [Book] a novel by Gregory Maguire   Image result for The wolf princess Cathryn Constable.  Image result for The trumpeter of Krakow Eric P. Kelly


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