8 tips on how to be a better support for Support…

1.  Supply more information – The more information you provide support about the issue the faster we can fix the issue.  If you supply single word requests, that don’t explain anything that is going on with the situation, it makes it that much harder and takes that much longer for Support to figure it out.  You are the affected party, explain whats going on!

2.  Location, Device, Timeframe – If you can supply Support with the location of the issue, what devices are affected by the issue, and the timeframe of when the issue began, we can pinpoint issues and increase the effective outcome of the situation.  Just typing “Help” in the description does absolutely nothing for the situation.

3.  Texting, Emailing, and phone calls are great, but submitting a request is REQUIRED! – There is no way we can fix recurring issues, or manage the happenings at the school without the proper data.  If you have an internet issue in your room and you send us a text or an email, we will fix the issue, but we won’t know if it is happening consistently and if it is part of a larger issue.  By submitting requests to FMX, you not only inform us of an issue, you help us document it so we can go back into the system and review those issues that are occurring.  It allows us to review what we did to resolve it, and it helps eliminate options.  Thats basic troubleshooting.  You can even ask one of the secretarial staff to submit them for you, they have the ability.

4.  Take emotion out of it! – The computer didn’t shut down during your presentation because it has a vendetta against you.  The internet didn’t stop working because you are cursed.  Support doesn’t sit back in the tech caves and perform deviant activities against the school.  Computers do not have emotion, they perform functions, complicated functions, and they interact with lots of variables.  Sometimes those variables get mixed up and cause issues.  If we eliminate emotion as one of those variables, it makes the troubleshooting process that much easier.

5.  Patience is Key! – The average support resolution in Enterprise Business is 2 weeks.  The average support resolution at Ogden Prep is currently 22 hours.  That means that for the majority of the issues at the school, Support takes care of them in less than a day.   It is literally impossible to fix something in less than a minute.  It takes time to pinpoint the issue, determine the resolution tactic, perform the process to fix the issue, and to test and make sure that the process fixed the issue.

6.  Follow Procedures! – We understand that a loss of any time in the classroom is detrimental to the success of a student.  Technology can be an attribute in accomplishing tasks or it can be a detriment.  Regardless of the situation, emergency in your mind or not, it is important to follow the procedures that have been laid out by Support for managing issues.  Following procedures assures you and the rest of the staff that the situation is going to be handled and handled properly.  It also eliminates favoritism in the workplace.  Lastly, it allows support to stay on task.

7.  Try to submit requests to the proper area. –  Support understands that there are a lot of areas around the school that could be related when submitting a request.  When you submit a request to the wrong area, you create additional work for support, and you create more time involved in fixing in your issue.  The request types have been broken into 4 major areas and they include:  Technology, Maintenance, Security, and Scheduling.   If you have internet, phone, or computer issues, its a technology request.  If you have thermostat, lighting, plumbing, or any other building related issue, its a maintenance request.  If you have lost a keycard, set off the alarm, need access to a room, or something is lost or stolen, its a security request.   If you need to check out a Shared Chromebook Cart (JH only right now), you need a projector, or a DVD player, or you need to schedule time in a room like one of the Gymnasium’s, thats a scheduling request.

8.  Support is just that, Support –  We are not personal assistants.   There are 3 full time staff members that help Support 140+ employees and 1100+ students, and each of those full time staff members also perform other duties such as part time teaching or administrative functions.  It is very difficult to manage the influx of requests that come in and handle medial tasks such as changing the batteries in a clock, or moving a set of books you ordered from the first floor to the second floor.  We are always happy to help, but please do not use our kind hearted natures to your advantage.  If you have the ability, feel free to be a resource to yourself.

Thank you for taking the time to review these tips.  We hope that these tips help you as well as help us better perform our jobs and provide you with the best support possible.



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