To the teachers that I work with:  The first week of school I will be observing all of my students in your classrooms.  Please contact me with any questions and concerns you have about students with IEPs and any students of concern.  It is my goal this year to help you as much as possible with providing resources and support.  We are a team and together we can do great things for kids!

To the parents that I work with/parents with students of concern:  Please call the school and request me, email me, or schedule a time to meet with the school team (gen, ed teacher, sped director/principal, and me. ) I will help you or you can go straight to our Special Education Director:  Elizabeth Callison.  We are a team and together we can do great things for your child/children!

To the students that I work with:  My goals is to help you learn skills and strategies that can help you be more successful in school and your daily life.  I want to help you grow in self-confidence, help you reach your goals, and help you have an easier time with making and keeping friends.   I care so much about you and you are the reason I do what I do!



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