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 Canvas Student Guide – Table of Contents

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 Canvas Release Notes (2018-08-25)

Erin Hallmark in Release Notes: Canvas 1 day agoUpcoming Canvas Changes   October 6: Non-Scoring Rubrics Feature Option Enforcement On October 6, the Non-Scoring Rubrics feature option will be enabled for all Canvasinstitutions and applies to all users. For details about this feature, please see CanvasRelease: Non-Scoring Rubrics. In this Canvas release (August 25), the Mark as Done module …Read More

 Custom JavaScript for Admin/Courses Page

Mike Hower in Canvas Developers 3 months agoHello all,   I’m looking for help with some custom JavaScript on the Admin/Courses page.  We have a large number of courses and we would like to add a direct link to “People” and “Files” as shown in the graphic below to streamline our workflow.   Any thoughts on how I could implement this in our custom JS theme file?   Thanks   v/r  MJH …Read More

 Relevant Elephants: Fixing Canvas Commons Search

Laura Gibbs in Canvas Studio 3 days agoI’m not really sure how to write this as a feature idea because, as far as I am concerned, it is a bug that needs to be fixed. But my dialogue with the Helpdesk went nowhere (Case #03332722), so I am submitting it as a feature request per their advice. I am not proposing how to fix this problem; I am just going to document the problem. People who …Read More

 M. Bonner – Book Study/PD

Kristin Lundstrum in Q & A 2 weeks agoHi Community Friends!   While I attended instcon remotely, I heard amazing things about Michael Bonner Keynote. In the few short days since, I purchased his book Get Up or Give Up. I’d love to have some reading buddies (see the reference: Here’s to Fall… and Professional Growth) to hold me accountable.   Is anyone interested in reading Get Up …Read More

 Canvas Overview (Students)

Canvas Doc Team in Guides: Video 6 months agoIn this video, you will learn the basics about navigating through Canvas and managing your dashboard and sidebar. Last updated 2018-02-28   To view subtitles for this video, click the CC button in the tool bar and select a language.   Learn from and share ideas with other Canvas users. View the script for this video. …Read More

 Canvas Admin Guide – Table of Contents

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Get Notified

You have lots of options for Canvas LMS Community to notify you about changes and updates to content you care about. Changes to content you create and participated in are always followed in Inbox. You can also click “Follow” to bring updates about documents, discussions, and Place activity into an Activity stream. Following any item in Inbox pulls activity into your read-tracked Inbox stream, and you’ll be alerted about it as soon as you log in. (Be sparing about what you follow there: you don’t want important items to be buried in a sea of updates you don’t care about.)

To begin following activity, navigate to the area you care about — a place or document or blog or person, for example — and click “Follow” under Actions. Then select one or more streams to follow it in. The button changes to say “Following.” Click it again to stop following.

Whether you get notified by email about stuff you follow is up to you–just click Preferencesunder your name to decide whether to get email about everything you follow, just Inbox items, or some other selection of items. To enable email notifications on any stream, edit the stream and turn Email Updates on at the top of the page.



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