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for February 16, 2018

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Canvas Instructor Guide – Table of Contents

Canvas Doc Team in Guides: Canvas 2 weeks ago

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Canvas Production Release Notes (2018-02-17)

Erin Hallmark in Release Notes 21 hours ago

Upcoming Canvas Changes   LDAP No TLS Support: March 31 On March 31, Canvas will no longer support the No TLS option for LDAP authentication. In the Canvas authentication page, the TLS preference should be updated to either Simple TLS or Start TLS. Institutions should work with their LDAP vendor to encrypt traffic and verify their TLS port. …Read More

Add In-Line File Preview to ePortfolios

Anne Thiers in Canvas Studio 1 week ago

I would like for there to be a way for users to view the uploaded files in ePortfolio pages with the in-line file preview option rather than having to download the file.    In our county, students create ePortfolios for their Senior Capstone Project.  These portfolios are viewed by students, teachers, and community judges.  Each portfolio has a …Read More

Is there really no way to apply a style sheet to a specific course?

Kevin Wright in Instructional Designers 3 days ago

I’ve done some research on here and I’ve found some references to inline styling. But I can’t find anything that suggests that a CSS can be applied only at a specific course level.    For example, we have two courses and want two different style guidelines for both. Say in Course B we want headers 2 through 5 to be bold/italic/centered/size 14 …Read More

How large is your non-teaching staff supporting or otherwise associated with your LMS?

Clint Jacobsen in Find Answers 3 days ago

Admin, Instructional Designers, etc. View

Canvas Student Guide – Table of Contents

Canvas Doc Team in Guides: Canvas 2 weeks ago

Introduction View

Jetsons Meet the Flintstones!

Jonathan Yoder in Find Answers 2 days ago

I am dying to see how courses are being “leveraged” inside of Canvas!  Aside from Importing Files from Canvas Commons at random, is there a wiki or doc with good examples by discipline or in a HS environment? I’m looking for something I can share with my non tech savvy colleagues of all departments as we begin our journey with Canvas this …Read More


Danny Childers in Gamification 1 hour ago

Since I wish I had access to something like this when I started Gameifying my class, I thought I’d map out what I’m doing in my World Lit class for anyone who is interested in seeing how Gameification can work and the challenges I overcame incorporating it into Canvas.  I have very little coding experience (I wish I had more), so all of this was …Read More

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