Your Canvas Community Newsletter for May 11, 2018

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Canvas Instructor Guide – Table of Contents

Canvas Doc Team in Guides: Canvas 3 weeks ago

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Canvas Production Release Notes (2018-05-12)

Erin Hallmark in Release Notes 4 days ago

Changes from Canvas Beta Release Notes (2018-04-30)   Updated Features— Removed Account Settings: Right-to-Left Language Support Other Updates— Added Permissions: See Other Users’ Primary Email Address, View Login IDs for Users Platform/Integration— Added API Additions: Roles API Upcoming Canvas Changes   SIS File Refactor: June 2 …Read More

Baseline Canvas Requirements for faculty

Wei Li in Canvas Admins 3 weeks ago

Hello everyone,    Has anyone established minimum Canvas requirements for all faculty at your institution? Our academic administration has identified the following as baseline:   Post a copy of the course syllabus  Program all assignments into the course calendar Post course materials broken up by week Post PowerPoint slides from class, if …Read More

Canvas Student Guide – Table of Contents

Canvas Doc Team in Guides: Canvas 3 weeks ago

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How do I enable profile pictures and course images?

Thales Alves Pereira in Find Answers 2 days ago

I’ve been digging the net looking for answers for this, and I found a few tutoriais on this; they provide step by step instructions on how to set course and profile pictures, but all of them mention “if your school/account has profile picture enabled”. I didn’t found anything related to that on the admin dashboard, nor did I find anything in the …Read More

Jobs Board

Scott Dennis in I Heart Pandas 2 months ago

Are you looking to hire a Canvas Admin, Instructional Designer, Developer, or Canvas Savvy Teacher?  Do you have Canvas skills you are looking to leverage?  If you are looking for work or workers, consider replying here. If your position is remote friendly please highlight that fact! …Read More

Have Cursor Remain on Same Spot on Page When You Switch Between the Rich Content Editor and the HTML Editor

Tim Maw in Canvas Studio 2 days ago

I know there are several good ideas about improving the HTML editor including making it easier to read the HTML. I think one thing that would be beneficial is to have my cursor remain on the same spot of the page when I move between the Rich Content Editor and the HTML Editor. Right now, when I switch to the HTML editor from the Rich Content …Read More


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